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With your purchase you will receive a ticket for the English-language run of the Regency-Larp "Social Season" (May 9th-12th 2024 at Gutshaus Groß Markow, 17168 Lelkendorf, Germany). The ticket price includes accommodation in a room for max. 2 persons (double bed with two separate mattresses, shared bathroom and toilet on the same floor), food (mostly vegan), drinks, a character designed by the organizers of the game and (on loan) a costume matching the role.

For male roles, there will be a tailcoat, top hat and a tie (so you will have to bring your own trousers, shirt and vest), while female roles will each receive a dress and matching accessories. The costumes we provide will not be historically accurate, but are meant to look like you could be part of a historically inspired film wearing them.

Of course, we know that there are many Regency fans who own great costumes themselves. If you don't need a costume provided by us you can indicate that when you register and you will receive a discount on the participation price.


When registering, it must be specified whether a ticket is purchased for a male or a female role. There are only a limited number of male and female characters available, in order to ensure the gender balance in the roles that is necessary for our concept. Of course, the gender of the roles does not have to match the real gender of the participants. 

Discounted tickets

To enable people with less financial resources to participate in Social Season, there is a contingent of tickets for each run at a significantly reduced price. Unfortunately, this contingent is currently exhausted for 2024. If you would like to be put on the waiting list, please sign up in this form.
We will not ask for the reasons why someone signs up for a discounted ticket. We trust that this option will be used only by those who cannot afford the standard ticket.


We have reserved two tickets at the price of 250,-. In addition, participants who buy a standard ticket have the opportunity to voluntarily pay 75,- Euro more and support us in providing more discounted tickets. For each ticket sold with this option selected, we will provide a minimum of 125,- Euro in discounts.


Paying in installments
If you choose the option "down payment", the remaining ticket price has to be paid in two equal installments of 150,- Euro each. The first installment is due two month after the initial purchase and the second after four month. You will receive a separate payment form for this purpose.

Optional early arrival 
If you're traveling a long way, it's nice not to be totally rushed and join the game at the last minute (or later). Besides, romantic games are often easier if you already know your fellow players a little bit. Therefore we offer you the possibility to arrive on the evening of the 8th of May for a small extra charge. There will be no program organized by us on this evening and the following morning and only a simple catering.

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